When shopping at a garden center or online it can be tempting to just pick out everything that catches your eye. However, while items might look good on their own, when you put them all together things can start to go wrong.

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There’s no doubt about it: if you want your garden to be incredible rather than just alright, you need to pick a look for your garden and stick to it.

Choose Consistent Colors and Materials

There are different ways of picking a look for your garden. You could base it around a particular color or material for example, or instead go for a distinctive style.

When planning how your garden looks you’ll also want to think about who will use the garden – will young children be running around regularly? Will older people with mobility problems be enjoying the garden?

While the look is obviously important, you’ll also have to remember a garden must be designed with practicality in mind in order for people to be able to make the most of it.

Choosing A Color For Your Garden

If you want to craft your garden’s look around a color, there are few better choices than orange as it has a way of brightening even the dimmest of days. Even relatively common flowers such as pansies and marigolds have deep vibrant shades that sparkle in the sun. Use a complementary color, such as red or yellow, to really make your garden glisten – snapdragons and sunflowers are perfect and they also offer different heights, which is great for giving your garden a textured look.

Having a garden with every color of the rainbow can create a really spectacular look, but it’ll take careful planning to be effective, so try grouping similar colors with each other and fight the temptation to go too wild.

Choosing Planters For Your Garden

Your planters can be just as import as the flowers and plants in your garden when it comes to the visual appeal. Once again, a mishmash approach can create a good look, but achieving a cool, effortless look actually takes more care and attention to detail.

A more straightforward option is to go with a unified set of planters. For example, a selection of differently sized cone planters in stone or terracotta can create a harmonizing appearance relatively easily. Alternatively, pick a series of pots which are the same shape and size but in a variety of different but coordinated colors. For example, choose them in shades of greens and blues to contrast and compliment flowers in orange and red.

Choosing Furniture For Your Garden

If you want your garden to be more focused on your furniture then you’ll want to try to stick to the same material to have a running theme that looks well thought out. Remember that woods come in many different styles and colors and that mixing these up can be just as troublesome as combining wood with plastic.

You’ll also need to make sure that all of the elements of your garden work with each other. The furniture you pick can’t just look good on its own, it has to blend well with your choice of plants and flower boxes. Match up all the different components and you’ll have a well-coordinated garden that is beautiful and relaxing.

Written by Sam Luther, an experienced blogger and passionate gardener