How many of you have driven past our billboard on Rt. 140 near Rt. 97 intersection, heading west? Did you think there was a misspelling? Surely, everyone gets the play on words, “I was so excited, I wet my pants!” Therefore, our first instinct is to think of watering our plants, thereby wetting them, hence the play on words. However, have you heard the phrase “Whet your appetite?”

Get EXCITED! Whet your plants…
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The same billboard can be seen in Hanover, as well, with the Hanover location phone number. I’m getting some feedback from some folks who aren’t so sure about it…
“Whet” is actually a verb which means to “stimulate” and is most commonly used in the phrase “Whet your appetite”. It is Old English in origin and also means to “sharpen”, as in sharpening knives on a whetstone. Therefore, if we whet our plants, we are stimulating them! Mulch, Compost, and Top Soil are all good for stimulating our plants, and when we have that special curb appeal from a freshly mulched landscape, it sure looks sharp! Get what you need at Westminster Lawn Service Landscape Supply Yards – quality bulk landscape materials for pick up or delivery!
Share comments on your impression of the billboard, and let me know if it confused you! Thanks! #whatswhrongwithwhet