Beautiful Front Yard Landscaping | Beautiful Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

Ready the tools! It's time to dress up the landscaping.

Mulch does more for your lawn and garden than just giving it a tidy look and pretty face. It helps plants grow stronger and healthier, feeds soil, reduces erosion and conserves water. Mulch also minimizes — or even eliminates — the need for weeding, so you can spend your weekends admiring instead of pulling up determined sprouts.

Mulch landscaping begins with chipped, shredded, crushed or ground materials, and your creative design ideas take it from there. From barks and leaves to pine needles and nut hulls, organic mulch is good looking and good for the earth.

These five videos give you a running start at using mulch to create landscaping that gets noticed:

1. Landscaping Tips — The Why and How of Mulch
Everyday with Libby and Natalie, which hails from Denver, features an Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado expert with handy mulch tips.

Understand the differences among mulch types, including gravel and grass clippings, why mulch is used, which works better where, and the “best practices” that help you get the right results.

2. Tips on Applying Mulch
Dennis Patton, Johnson County Horticulture Agent for Kansas State University, explains when and how to add mulch, why mulch feeds the soil and the best times of year to dress the top layer.

3. Mulch Rings Around Trees
Mulching around trees is a fairly common practice, but there’s a right way and a wrong way to go about it. University of Illinois Extension Gardner’s Corner shows how to create a tree ring, and includes some common mulching mistakes.

4. Landscaper’s Secret on Putting out Pine Needles
This video gives you an inside peek on a landscaper’s secret — how to get the neat, rolled edge when installing pine needle mulch. There are two ways to do it; by hand, or with a blower. Pine mulch knits together, which helps keep the mulch in place instead of spilling over.

5. How to Sheet Mulch Your Garden
Fun Green Guy shows, start-to-finish, how homeowners can use sheet mulching to make a nice, tidy mulch bed that doesn’t require a lot of digging.

In this sped-up video (set to the tune of Yakety Sax, also known as the Benny Hill Show theme song), Fun Green Guy and his Fun Green Helpers create a beautifully mulched tree and also show how to add plants in the mulch bed.

Mulch is an inexpensive finishing touch that does a lot more than dress up the landscaping. With the right materials and techniques, you’ll have the best-looking yard on the block. Click here to contact us today!

Beautiful Front Yard Landscaping | Beautiful Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

Mulch landscaping can add real "curb appeal" to your home!