If you want to add a touch of colour to your garden, there are certainly many options available to you. Few of those options are as quite as tasty as a vegetable patch however.

Though vegetables will never be as stylish as flowers, growing vegetables does come with quite a few perks. Should you be considering turning part of your garden into a vegetable patch, here are seven reasons why you might be on to something.

Better Tasting Vegetables

There’s a lot of talk these days about organic vegetables and their apparent benefits in the taste department. Unfortunately however, there is actually very little scientific evidence to back this up. The only vegetables that are proven to taste better are those grown locally. And what could be more local than your own back garden?

Home grown vegetables aren’t transported half way around the world and they aren’t left on a supermarket shelf slowly losing flavour. Instead they can go from the ground to your plate within a matter of minutes. Most people are surprised to learn just how much of a difference this can make.

More Nutritious Vegetables

Another benefit of home grown vegetables is that they are significantly more nutritious. When vegetables are transported and stored for long periods of time, they don’t just lose their flavour, they also lose a lot of their nutrients. Home grown vegetables are therefore not only better tasting, they’re better for you.

A Healthier Diet

Not only are home grown vegetables better for you, when you grow your own produce, you tend to eat a lot more of it too. When you’ve got a hundred tomatoes in your back garden, you tend to try to incorporate them into every meal that you can make. Most vegetable gardeners therefore find that they are suddenly getting their five a day, every day.

No Pesticides

Regardless of how you feel about the use of pesticides on what you eat, you are still likely to appreciate the fact that everything that you grow at home will be chemical free. Unless you happen to have a serious bug problem, which is highly unlikely in a small vegetable patch, you can avoid the use of pesticides entirely.

A Touch of Colour

Though a vegetable garden will never look quite as glamorous as a well arranged flower garden, there is something strangely relaxing about a vegetable plot. Provided you take the time to plant your vegetables in an aesthetically pleasing fashion, you might be surprised by just how much colour and life a vegetable patch can add to your garden.

Grocery Savings

Starting your own vegetable patch can also lead to some pretty significant savings at the supermarket. Though the amount that you save all depends upon the size of your vegetable patch, most people that grow their own vegetables never purchase the supermarket variety again. After all, when what you grow yourself tastes so much better, why waste money on an inferior product?


Finally, there is the small matter of just how satisfying it can be to grow your own food. Over the course of three or four months, the seeds that you plant will slowly transform into food for your entire family.

Not only is watching this progress strangely enjoyable, there’s also something strangely satisfying about eating something that you created yourself. A vegetable garden is a perfect example of self sufficiency.

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