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Guide to Landscape Supply Delivery

Customer Responsibilities

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Must be home or leave a bucket, cone, or sign where to dump landscape materials. Customer assumes all responsibility for towing, ground ruts, hourly rates, and any underground fixtures such as irrigation, septic tanks, etc.  Driver will use discretion when determining if a dump site is safe. Other hazards include overhead tree limbs and utility wires. Alternate dump site may be designated.


Prior to unloading any materials, the delivery driver will request payment by cash or check; credit card payment is available through the office.  Mastercard and Visa accepted.


A specific destination address is required.  Give a detailed description of the drop site: describe any sidewalks or landscaping that will prohibit the truck from driving up directly beside the site.

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The weight of a typical delivery truck can cause damage to concrete or stone pavements.  Trucks will not drive on new pavement or asphalt.  These applications take up to one year to cure, and may be damaged by the weight.  Operation may also be limited to steep grades.

Overhead Concerns

When scheduling a delivery, be sure to let your salesperson know at the time of scheduling about any power lines, tree limbs, or other overhead objects that could obstruct the movement of the dump truck.

Underground Concerns

The location of septic lines, sprinkler heads, underground drains and utility lines are all important to the capabilities of the truck to drive in certain areas.  The delivery truck weight could cause damage to any of these items if present.  Be sure to advise your salesperson or driver of their presence.

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Keep pets penned up and children out of the vicinity during the delivery.  Drivers are unable to see objects in their mirrors that are directly behind the truck.


Take weather conditions into consideration.  If the ground is wet, it may be difficult for the truck to deliver without damaging grass or landscaping.  Westminster Lawn Landscape Supply may reschedule deliveries because of weather concerns.

Safety First

There are many factors that may prevent a product from being placed in a certain area.  Drivers’ decisions will be made on the basis of potential safety hazards and property damage.  Remember that while we will do our best to satisfy your requests, our first commitment is to the safety of everyone involved.