Your garden should always offer you a peaceful and relaxing place to be. However if it doesn’t then there are some simple things which you can do to change the feel and atmosphere of your garden!

You should firstly ensure that your garden is tidy; this will give you the first step to making you feel relaxed and at peace in your own garden. Make sure that you have no trash or debris lying around in your garden, and sweep up any dead leaves and twigs. You should also get rid of any unwanted weeds from your garden; this will just create a nicer look which will allow you to feel more relaxed.


You should start by adding lots of color to your garden. You should get a variety of flowers to surround your garden, both tall and short flowers. Maybe have sun flowers growing up the edges of the garden and have various flower beds through the garden. This will give the feel of enclosure to the garden.


It is important that you have somewhere comfortable to sit when you are in your garden, so getting some comfortable dining chairs and dining table so you can bring your meals outdoors is very important! By providing seating in the garden will give you time to sit down and relax and admire your garden.


You should choose the correct lighting for your garden so it is beautiful at all times. You can get garden lamps and torches which you can put around the lawn or patio of your garden. This will brighten up your garden as the sun sets so you can continue to relax through the night. To give your garden a more individual look you can also create some of your own candle jars. You can get some old jam jars, and decorate these to your liking and place some tea light candles inside, then surround your garden with these. This will create a peaceful and romantic feel in your garden.


You will have the beautiful scent coming from your flower beds around the garden, but if this isn’t enough you can grow your own herbs in your garden which will give a wonderful wild scent off. You can choose from a variety of herbs to grow from parsley, rosemary or even lavender! All these will allow a beautiful scent to surround your garden, making you feel more and more peaceful.


There are various accessories you can add to your garden to make you feel more relaxed. You could simply add some wind chimes to your garden and hang them from a tree. Another idea is to buy a water feature to add to your garden, the sound of water trickling will let all your worries spill away and let you fully relax and be at peace in your garden.

Jade is a home stylist who regularly uses to buy beautiful furniture for her home and garden.