Gorgeous weather and comfortable temperatures entice us to be outdoors. Fall is a great time to work in your lawn and garden. To prepare it for spring color, seeding of wildflowers or planting of bulbs is best done in the fall. The soil is still warm from summer and fall plantings have time to settle in, allowing for fast root growth before the winter cold arrives. In the spring, the seeds and bulbs will burst forth ahead of the game. Planting can be done in the spring, but one must contend with tricky weather, clumpy mud, and cold soil. In the fall, most weed seeds have gone dormant, allowing you to clear spaces for your plantings without having to contend with a fresh batch of weeds each day, and the soil is usually a good consistency for working. In Spring, the dormant weeds are energized, and they seemingly burst forth overnight on a daily basis.

Fall GardeningFavorite spring blooming bulbs to plant in fall are crocus, daffodil, and tulip. Dutch Iris rhizomes and scillia are also popular. Colorful fall mums can be planted now, as well, to enjoy throughout the season. Be sure to get these plantings in before the end of October, to ensure maximum root establishment before frost. Other fall blooming plants include Asters, Sedum, Hellenium, Phlox, Rudbeckia, and Joe Pye weed. Garlic Chives are ornamental and can be used in your cooking. Now is a great time to consider sprucing up the flower beds with mums, decorative cabbage, or winter pansies for colorful fall displays.

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Trees and shrubs do very well when planted in the fall. Cooler air allows for less transpiration. Roots are established in warm soil, and winter dormancy allows for acclimation, and a recovery period before the rapid growth process in spring. Newly sown grass seed is also successful when planted in the fall.

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Freshly mulched beds after your fall planting will ensure the roots will be protected for winter, and will make your outdoor landscape pop to synchronize with the dazzling crisp autumn days to come. As the temperatures continue to dip, you can relax in your outdoor space with a favorite sweater and warm apple cider to celebrate. Click here to contact Westminster Lawn Landscape Supply Yards for more information!

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