decorative aggregates, garden mulches, garden rock, garden topsoil, gravel hanover, gravel stones, gravel supply, gravel supply Westminster, grey gravel, hardwood mulch  What’s a Landscape Supply business to do during the cold dormant winter? For the folks at  Westminster Lawn Landscape Supply Yards, winter equipment  maintenance is what keeps us busy while the cold weather prevails.  While snow and ice events demand our attention clearing commercial lots when the weather turns nasty, those long dark winter months are the perfect time to tune up the dump trucks, tractor trailer, loaders, topsoil screener, and tub grinder for dark hardwood mulch.

Our Morton 1000 Industrial Tub Grinder is crucial to the process of grinding and creating our own blend of Double-shredded Dark Hardwood Mulch, one of our most popular products.

mulch prices, mulching, mulch types, wood mulch, bulk mulch, hardwood mulch, glass mulch, mulch delivery, playground mulch, mulch for sale, mulch calculator, topsoilAs with any large piece of equipment, service is necessary to keep things running smoothly. This winter, the Tub Grinder got a complete face-lift.  The entire machine was steam-cleaned, sanded, and re-painted. The hammer mill was replaced, and new clutches were installed, along with the usual greasing, lubrication, and routine maintenance chores. We are proud of our guys for their combined expertise from mechanical skills to body work when refurbishing the equipment.

topsoil suppliers, topsoil supply yard, topsoil yard, white gravel, yard soil, yard topsoil, black dyed mulch, brown dyed mulch, shredded mulch, Westminster, Carroll CountyAll of the equipment is given special care during the winter to help ensure a smooth running operation when Spring rolls in. We do our best to provide excellent customer service, and that means no breakdowns or delays when providing top quality materials to our customers as needed. Striving for the peak of professionalism is our goal, along with friendly service from your neighbors at Westminster Lawn Landscape Supply Yards.