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Why should you buy mulch by the yard? Many folks wonder about the difference between buying landscape mulch in bulk or in bags. If you use so much that the plastic waste bags are piling up, you may consider buying in bulk.      

Better for the environment
If you consider the amount of plastic waste that is generated by filling your trash can with dirty plastic bags, you can see how buying the product in bulk will save landfills from filling up with plastic, which is slow to decompose, and is not environmentally friendly. Further, locally produced products don’t impact the environment like products shipped from afar. Assuming that those who mulch their landscape appreciate the natural beauty of the earth, buying in bulk will align with those values.
Product Quality
You don’t really know what the product in the bag will look like until you’ve broken it open and have begun to spread it. Not all mulches are created the same! There are as many differences in appearance and quality of mulches as there are differences in produce appearance and quality at the grocery store! Purchasing the product of your choice and seeing it in bulk assures you know what you are getting without the hassle of trying to return broken bags to an impersonal customer service line.
Supporting Local Small Business
When you have the choice of shopping at a large chain store, or spending your dollars at a local small business, the wisest choice is to support the little guy. Buying locally supports the local economy! Dollars spent at national chains get dispersed elsewhere, whereas local “mom n’ pop” stores put more back into the community. This makes it a much more personal interaction than buying a product on sale at a big box store, which enticed you into the store with the sale, then bets on you walking out the door with several extra (full price) purchases made on impulse.
Flexibility and Service
If you need a little or a lot, we at Westminster Lawn Landscape Supply Yards strive for friendly, professional service. We will personally help you determine the best product for your needs, and how much to order. We make prompt mulch delivery in Carroll County and surrounding areas with our single axle dump trucks, or customers can pick materials up at one of our Supply Yards in Westminster or Hanover, PA. with a pickup truck or trailer.