You may put mulch down on your flowerbeds, because you know it’s good for them. But do you know why? Here are some surprising mulch facts and mulch tips to help you figure out how to use mulch, and when.

1. Organic Mulch Isn’t the Only Kind Available

The job of mulch is to conserve moisture, fertilize the soil, cut down on weeds, and help with visual appeal. Some beautiful front yard landscaping can be achieved with different kinds of mulch, and all types of mulch will do the same job. As a result, you can use pretty much anything as mulch, provided it’s non-toxic and will eventually biodegrade or is easily removed. For example, if organic mulch isn’t working for your garden, you might consider using rocks as a form of mulch, or buying some rubber mulch made from recycled tires.

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2. Using Rocks as Mulch May Extend Your Growing Season

In addition, rocks as mulch can have a surprising effect; making the growing season last a little longer. The secret is that as the rocks are exposed to the sun, they absorb heat and put it into the soil, giving plants more incentive to grow and stretching out how long plants will last. How long the effect lasts will depend heavily on the type of rock mulch you use, and how much of it. But if you’re looking to garden a little longer, or give your plants some extra warmth, it might be an effective strategy.

3. You Can Make Some of Your Own Mulch

landscape supply Carroll County Maryland | mulching Westminster Maryland | mulch Hampstead Maryland   Contrary to popular belief, there’s no magic secret to making mulch, especially organic mulch. It’s just shredded bark, leaves, and other material that’s placed around your plants to serve a purpose. The leaves you rake up and the grass you mow can serve as mulch, especially if you need something temporarily while looking at your long-term garden needs. It’s recommended that you start a small compost heap to help it along a bit, but you can save a substantial chunk of money by composting your leaves and grass a bit and then using them to mulch your garden.

4. You Can Use Newspapers and Mulch to Kill Weeds

Is the local paper piling up? Put it to good use: Use it to cover weeds, and put some mulch on top of it. By blocking out the sun, the weed dies. Best of all, you don’t need to remove the newspaper afterward; the ink is non-toxic, and the paper biodegrades into the soil. It’s especially effective on new weeds, but it will do a number on even the worst unwanted resident.

5. You Can Turn Your Christmas Tree Into Mulch to Get Your Garden Through Hard Winters

Winter isn’t easy for your plants, and strong sun combined with harsh wind can suck water right out of its leaves. So, instead of throwing out your Christmas tree, use the branches as mulch to help protect your plants. It makes great use of the old tree, which would otherwise just get thrown out, and helps your plants.

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