If you are thinking about selling your home or just want to increase its value, there are some landscaping ideas that will improve the value of your property.

Improve the Curb Appeal

square yard calculator, cubic yard of sand, cubic yard of mulch, square feet to cubic yards, delivery to Finksburg 21048, Hampstead 21074, Henryton 21080, Lineboro 21088 21764, Manchester 21102, Marriotsville 21104, Reisterstown 21136, Upperco 21155, Westminster 21157 21158, Keymar 21757.The curb appeal of property refers to the first impression it makes when people visit or just pass by. The landscaping should be neat, well planned and consistent with the architecture of the house. A well cared-for yard gives the impression that the rest of the house is also well cared-for. A scruffy, neglected yard gives the impression that the whole property is unkempt and in bad condition. It doesn’t mean a lot of expensive landscaping is required, it just means what is there should be attractive, neat and clean.

Low-maintenance Plants

When shopping for trees, flowers and shrubs to plant around your home, it will save you time and money to choose plants that are low-maintenance. This means plants that are native to your region, so they will thrive with little or no attention. Also, drought-tolerant plants that require less water will not only save water but also energy and need less time for upkeep. The arrangement of plants and earth can create a runoff path for water that includes other plants. Water from gutters can also be diverted to the garden. In this small way, the landscaping can be environmentally friendly.

Plant Trees

Trees take time to look good and add shade, but a fully grown tree will improve your property. If the tree is well placed to add shade to a part of the house that receives direct sunlight, it can reduce cooling costs too. Trees are considered mature landscaping and not only add appeal but provide a habitat for wildlife.

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Use Attractive Pots and Containers

There are many different ways to have trees and flowering plants in the yard. They can be in a raised planter box, flower pots, hanging baskets or planted directly in the ground. Pots and containers should harmonize with the color and style of house. For example, smooth ceramic pots may compliment a modern style home and colorful Mexican pots can brighten up a garden when it doesn’t have many flowering plants. Pots can also be made of wood to add a rustic flavor. A cement pot can be hidden inside the wooden box.

Some Tips for Attractive Landscaping

  • Plant a large tree on either side of the house. It frames the property and defines boundaries as well as drawing the eye to the front door.
  • If the door is in the middle of the house, a symmetric landscaping design works best. If the door is on one side, an asymmetrical design looks good.
  • Small shrubs and ground cover should be planted close to the front door and larger plants further away.
  • Put two matching and attractive pots on either side of the front steps or path and grow seasonal flowers in them. They can have smaller pots inside if that is easier. They will ensure there is always color in the garden.
  • If the front path is concrete, it can be replaced with a stone, wood chip or brick path. This is much more attractive and adds interest. The path should be at least four feet wide to be comfortable for two people or wheelchairs.
  • Add solar powered lights for pathways and exterior lights. Your outdoor lighting will be off the grid, which will improve the value of the property.

This article was contributed by landscaping experts American Tree Masters who offer tree removal in Gilbert AZ .