The variety of different lawns and gardens in a large city, such as London means that landscapers have to meet an assortment of landscaping and gardening needs.

This, however, is not to say that most tips are exclusive to certain sorts of gardens. In fact, most gardens can follow a number of similar garden maintenance tips, meaning from Wimbledon to Watford; gardening can be performed in the same fashion.

Three of the basics for all gardens are listed below and can go a long way to ensuring the smallest, to the largest gardens look great. One of the primary things in having a wonderful garden is great grass. This is one of the foundations of a great garden and ensures your green area and also home look at their best. So, how can you guarantee your garden maintenance aids this landscaping?


Fertilization is of prime importance when landscaping and is something many people neglect everywhere. Before autumn a landscape garden should be fertilised. This allows the garden to absorb the nutrients and vitamins and aids the grass through the hardest part of the year. This certifies that the landscape is healthy and strong and survives until the weather warms up again in January. If you don’t fancy a little DIY with Garden equipment hire; a good gardener can inform you on what best to do in such an instance. Though, we would say that it is quite easy to take care of the fertilisation and so the even greenhorns of green finger’s world can succeed.


Winter can really cause problems for lawns and landscaping, if it covers the surrounding area. Keep an eye out to make sure that large debris and items, such as tree branches, logs and children’s toys aren’t left on the lawn over the winter. These can create diseases and kill your lawn off completely as bacteria breeds on them and beneath them. Preparation is the best way to keep your landscape and garden is at its very best as spring approaches – so, make some room in the shed and get out the Fairy liquid and start cleaning.


By aerating your grass before the first freeze, you will prepare your lawn for the best performance and landscaping growth for next year. Garden tool hire such as renting of an aerator is a cheap way to guarantee your garden gets what it requires. There are also a number of manual aeration strategies using shoes and other implements to get the most from your garden. These can be a little more laboured, but if done correctly provide the same results. This allows the grass to breath and will create strong healthy grass by the spring time as it can absorb a lot more nutrients.

By following our garden maintenance advice your lawn should be green and strong, and look at its best when the weather begins to heat up again.

Cormac Reynolds writes for Best at Hire a UK company that supplies garden hire equipment.